Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics 2012

So, just because I'd heard a little about it I watched the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Having lived in London for over a decade I found most of it pretty awful, lots of stage school leaping around with umbrellas and bowler hats interpreting the commuting experience through the medium of dance. It wasn't a pretty sight. Then a red 'bus entered the Beijing arena. "Oh law" I cried, can it get worse and any more stereotypical? After the drama students had mimed trying to crush onto a rush hour 'bus in slow motion, gurning for the cameras as they did it, a most welcome and unexpected thing happened, the top of the 'bus folded down and two figures emerged on a platform from within. One was Leona Lewis of whom I know little but she seems good. The other was Jimmy Page. Some genius had the foresight to pick Jimmy Fucking Page as the musical emblem for the UK. And then they launched into Whole Lotta Love. Jimmy Page looked in his element and was loving it, Leona Lewis looked terrified but gave it a good sing. The sight of a stadium full of Chinese fans going nuts to a Led Zeppelin song was truly a sight to behold and was actually something that made me feel a sense of pride. The 'buses and faux commuters may have been embarrassing but the music was spot on.



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