Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Guitar Design Part 2

Guitar Design 2, originally uploaded by Mr Atrocity.

I've been tweaking the design for my imaginary guitar a bit. I saw that Fender have brought out a tribute to David Gilmour's signature black strat from the 60s-70s and I rather fell in love with the dark maple neck, black paint and white pickups and knobs look so I applied it to my design. I've changed the body shape subtley too by making the top bout a wee bit wider and shifting it back a little to give a more slanted shape. I think it's an improvement but I'll keep playing to see if anything else pops into my head.

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Blogger booda baby said...

I'd tell you all about the LAST time you went and fiddled with your guitar, but that'd be a whole blog (so naturally, in the interest of time management, I'll do just that).

Short version, though: a few days later, when we were at the National Guitar 'compound' - they sent us down to meet a man who they all - to a one- thought was making (arguably) the best guitars in the world. (yes, well it'd be one thing if it was just anyone saying it, but at that address are some serious players in the music biz). So down we went to look at his guitars and we told him all about yours (well, as much as you can tell and still be considered polite) and it was all very nice.

3:03 pm  
Blogger booda baby said...

(so naturally, in the interest of time management, I'll do just that).

I meant that I intend to cheat and sort of make a blog of it. Full disclosure and all that.

3:04 pm  

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