Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crystal Palace

Today, after making myself blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast, I hopped on a 'bus to Crystal Palace Park. Back when I used to live at Shenley Mansions, Crystal Palace was much closer and so I visited more often. I don't think I've been in about a year so it was fun to revisit old haunts. There are two main features of the park I like. One is the site and foundations of The Crystal Palace itself and the other is the Dinosaur Lake. Having had my fill of Victoriana I walked up to Herne Hill for a late lunch at one of my favourite cafés, Café Prov. Refreshed and refilled I took another 'bus back to Schossadlerflug.

Here's a few photos from today:

The Stairs and the TV Transmitter

The Stairs at The Crystal Palace


Cute Graffiti

Resting Dinosaur

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Blogger Churlita said...

As usual, your photos kick ass.

7:30 pm  

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