Monday, August 04, 2008

And Two Downers

Following on from the three lovely things of the last post, Sunday brought two not so good ones. Firstly Michael Vaughan resigned as England cricket captain following the series loss to South Africa. I have always thought he was a first rate captain even when dealing with a sub-par side and he is one of the most elegant batsmen I've seen. England will miss him and I worry that they will appoint Kevin Pietersen as the new captain which could spell disaster. Great players don't necessarily make great captains and I fear that will prove to be so should Pietersen get the nod. Boo.

Yesterday afternoon Tinseltroos and I finally went to see the insanely hyped and well-reviewed The Dark Knight. To say it didn't live up to expectation doesn't even begin to cover it. You may expect a more detailed critique when I have few spare minutes. At present I'm a bit too busy on next summer's blockbuster fodder. Boo some more.



Blogger booda baby said...

I remain terrifically embarrassed by my non-commenting on your last fantastic post. It shouldn't be allowed, that you write something so fricking interesting and people eat it up and don't even thank you.

(Luckily, it is. Allowed, I mean.)

Anyway, yes, there are quite a few complaints on this side of the pond over Dark Knight. Fair enough to release a film with flaws, but it's such bullshit that media machines now do everything to skew real criticism.

Can't wait for your considered opinion.

3:40 pm  

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