Friday, August 22, 2008


What a week. I have shifted a huge amount of work this week, I scarcely feel like I've had time to stop and catch my breath. For the next three days, however, I shall be master of my own destiny. This weekend is a bank holiday so we all have Monday off work. Tinseltroos is off to Wales for the weekend with some buddies and I have a few items on my agenda but not enough to make me feel like I'm not going to have time to relax. Tomorrow I have absolutely no plans whatsoever; I may go to Brighton or I may go to Crystal Palace. We'll see. On Sunday I'm off to Lord's again and then Monday will see me off for lunch with Tommy Dog at a Thames-side pub. It should be good. This evening I've had a couple of beers with the stone giant from Hellboy 2 guys and now I'm sat at home with toast and honey with the cricket on the radio. Life has just got a lot better and less stressful.

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Blogger Churlita said...

Enjoy your time. It sounds like you have things lined up to ensure that you will.

1:06 am  

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