Monday, March 17, 2008

Slow News Week

Apologies for the complete silence for a week. There has been plenty of work to occupy my time and the weather here has been foul, wet and very windy, meaning that when not at work I have pretty much been hibernating at home.

I have been working on a little project of my own over the weekend but I don't have anything pretty to show for it yet and you don't want to read a protracted write-up of several hours programming believe me. I did make a apple and pear crumble last night as poor Tinseltroos had to work yesterday. Tonight I'm the one working late and who's had some not good work-related news so I shall certainly be helping to finish the crumble off. It's the best emotionally supportive comfort food. That's all I have now. Perhaps if I get a bit of my mojo back tomorrow I'll have a little more to say.

Sleep well all.



Blogger Churlita said...

Sorry to hear it's not going all that well at work. I'm happy that you have decent comfort food in order to deal with it all though.

7:04 pm  

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