Monday, February 25, 2008

Some of this, some of that

Just had quite a mixed bag of a weekend. I worked all day Saturday but I did at least have a very productive day and managed to get a few of the little, but never seem to get around to tasks done, like adding flocks of CGI birds into shots. Saturday evening Tinseltroos and I watched my favourite film of all time, Once Upon a Time in the West. T did not care for it all that much, which didn't surprise me, but she did say that she liked it more than other westerns she'd seen. That is a good thing I think and the best I could hope for.

Yesterday I was terribly productive. I baked a pound cake, also known as madeira cake, so called because of what you used to drink with it rather than what's in it. I also made Tinseltroos and me a salad with quinoa. I know quinoa is terribly good for me but I'd feel happier about eating it if it didn't remind of seamonkeys quite so much.

The rest of the day I spent writing a 3D renderer in Processing. Processing is a lovely graphics programming language and is my new favourite thing. I have a plan for an art project to do using it but in order to realise it I have to write a 3D geometry renderer. I am fortunate in that Tinseltroos has done this kind of thing before and can help me out when I get stuck. Also her maths ability vastly outstrips mine and she is a very patient teacher. At the moment I can render a rather elongated cube with some strange behaviour in the camera transforms. Methinks I have buggered something up so today I shall begin the tedious but necessary task of debugging it.



Blogger Churlita said...

Mmmmm. Sea monkeys.

The idea of debugging something makes my head hurt.

6:26 pm  
Blogger Beverly Sutphin said...

I didn't say I liked it more than other westerns I'd seen - I haven't seen any others. But I did like it although 7/10 would be the rating for my enjoyment value. That's not bad at all... somehow with all the guns and silent macho honour I expected to hate it.

1:48 pm  

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