Thursday, February 28, 2008

To Boldy Go Where No Matrix Has Gone Before

I know this may not seem like much but I'm quite proud of it. There's still something funky going on with the perspective transform and the field of view calculation otherwise I'd be very proud of it. This wireframe cube you see above was rendered using some software I wrote in the Processing language. I have a long-term project I want to do once I've ironed out the wrinkles in my code but for now I'm quite pleased that it's drawing a cube, roughly where it's supposed to be. Although there is still much to do, even now you can define a camera position, a point for it to look at and some geometry and my little renderer will produce a perspective(ish) picture like you see above. I don't think it's too shabby for an afternoon and an evening's work. I've already learned a lot, my rudimentary trigonometry and matrix skills are hanging on by their finger nails but I know more than I did a week ago.

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