Monday, March 03, 2008

A Weekend of Two Parts

Part The First: Saturday

Spent all Saturday at work but Tinseltroos and I did sneak out for a delicious lunch at Andrew Edmunds, my and possibly our favourite restaurant. I had a completely delicious main course of mutton (a greatly underated meat) with aubergines, tomatoes, red onion and cous cous. That helped make the rest of the afternoon's work seem not so bad.

Part The Second: Sunday

We lay in quite late as both of us felt no inclination to go into work. Instead we had a leisurely breakfast and then went for a long walk through The City and over London Bridge to explore the South Bank. Here's a couple of photos we took of each other just near Hay's Wharf:

Me By T

T by Me

After this we walked as far as the Design Museum where I took this photo of a very small connoisseur of contemporary design before we went for lunch:

Early Adopter

I had a very disappointing and very expensive Beef Wellington which contained a tiny and overcooked piece of tough beef, a smidgin of cheap pate and the whole enterprise was covered in a acres of puff pastry to give the illusion of some substance. It was served with some good asparagus though. Finally we walked further east along past some of the old wharves which have now been turned into flats for rich bankers where we spied the scene below:

Wading in the Wharves

Normally this area is running water, the River Neckinger in fact, so wading like this impossible. I can't imagine how foul smelling his waders were after this little expedition.

Tomorrow I shall be away as I'm travelling and delivering a lecture at a university. I think I have all my notes and slides ready; now it's just a question if the lazy little buggers can be bothered to turn up. Previous experience of lecturing to students suggests probably not many will.

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Blogger Churlita said...

Sounds like a nice weekend - except for the bad meat.

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