Thursday, February 28, 2008

More of the same

This week has, as you have no doubt come to expect, been completely work dominated. I spent 4 hours yesterday going to, coming from and waiting for a meeting at Pinewood which lasted precisely twenty minutes, including handshakes. On the up side we did get quite a swish Mercedes to take us there so we could at least pretend to be a bit important en route. We normally get taken up in a mini-van and then feel like the naughty kids in the back of the car on the family holiday.

I'm still rushing to get my work on Hellboy 2 finished. I suspect I shall be working the weekend again, but I do at least feel like I'm headed into the final bend on this show. It's been a bit of strain on the nerves, willpower and soul but with luck it should look OK and I daily count my blessings that I have a great team of people to work with. Whilst discussing the project in the car yesterday, one of the guys told of his experience of working on Chicken Little for Disney. He worked on the show for four and a half years, during which time they made the film twice thanks to executive meddling. He said after the first two years you had to talk yourself into going into work every morning. I can believe that. The longest I've ever worked on a project is eighteen months on the last Harry Potter and that damn nearly did for me. Reading back through my posts from the end of that time I can still sense how stressed and miserable I was. This current show is nothing compared to that but I am pretty shattered right now.

One fun thing I did discover last night whilst poking about in the latest version of GarageBand that came with the new laptop was that it now has some rudimentary EQ controls for each recorded track. I re-mixed that guitar thing I did a few weeks back to add some more mid-range to the second and third parts and it has improved it, to my ears at least. If I get home at a reasonable time tonight and Tinseltroos goes out to Stitch and Bitch then I might record a little more. One of my work buddies, who's really good at this sort of thing, suggested that if I manage to get a week's holiday or so after HB2 wraps I should spend a week making and recording some sounds. That does really appeal I must say - I think it would be very therapeutic. I also want to get my Processing renderer working. At the moment my trigonometry is still broken. I might have another crack at debugging that tonight too, if I get time. Music first, nerdy playtime second I think.

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Blogger Churlita said...

Wow. That has to be hard. I can't imagine putting that much time and energy into a project only to have it changed due to executive meddling.

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