Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And Now Here is a Word From Our Sponsor

"If you are a tiny, baby pug like me, you'll appreciate the finer things in life. Fine wine, single malt whiskies, pâté de fois gras, and of course the best in design. What better to furnish your Mies van der Rohe up town pied-à-terre than this teeny Charles and Ray Eames' recliner? And could there be any more prefereable a way to unwind after a long day being adored by all and sundry than here with a tiny martini? Of course not. Ladies and gentlepugs it is surely time to get that which you deserve. You know you've earned it. Thank you."

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.



Blogger Churlita said...

I really can't see anything past that adorable pug belly.

9:02 pm  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

That's the trouble isn't it? It's there just calling out to be tickled.

5:08 pm  
Blogger jen said...

way too cute. damn puppies will be the death of me.

8:12 pm  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

But what a way to go.

10:51 am  

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