Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lonely Chair

Lonely Chair, originally uploaded by Mr Atrocity.

Another picture because of another weekend in the studio. We're now at day 21 without a day off and there is no let up in sight. I actually can't remember the last time this happened. There was certainly a time on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where I seemed to be working most weekends but I don't remember it being as relentless as this. I did a lot of very late nights on the last Potter film but I did seem to have at least one day off each weekend. Despite it, I'm reasonably compos mentis still, I do feel incredibly tired and quite sluggish but I'm not about to go postal (yet).

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Blogger Churlita said...

I hope you're getting paid well enough to make up for the lost time.

6:52 pm  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

The money's not bad but, as the saying goes, there are much easier ways to make a living.

7:05 pm  
Blogger Margaret said...

don't go postal, it's not worth it

1:47 pm  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...


I'm not likely to go postal. I've worked on plenty of films that have been as stressful as this one and have survived them. I'm not going crazy, I am just incredibly tired.

1:58 pm  

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