Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Job Rant (redux)

Added emphasis for this piece on the retarded way CG effects are reported in the mainstream media by way of an example. From Bob Strauss' SGV Tribune article on "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest" :
Proof he [Bill Nighy is] a great actor? You recognize him in "Dead Man's Chest," even though the demonic Davy's face is entirely covered by an octopus-like cephalopod generated by Industrial Light & Magic computers.
Now there I was, all ready with my overnight bag packed, my best piece of 2x4 flight-cased and my mouse hovering over the "Buy it now" button on B.A.'s transatlantic flight website when it struck me. "Why would I want to go and pummel Mr. Strauss' face to a pulp when it's his wordprocessor that wrote the article?" I feel a lot better now. Thank goodness Bob had nothing to do with it.

You see my point?


P.S. Pirates 2 is the most fun I've had watching a big summer movie probably since the last one. I would have quite happily watched the whole shebang again straight after the credits had rolled. As it is I shall have to wait until Saturday to see it again .



Blogger luis said...

nice review. check out what your fellow bloggers are saying about Pirates (and maybe even cross-post your own review as well):

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