Saturday, June 17, 2006


What an amazing day. There are some days where I realise what a lucky so-and-so I am and today was definitely one of them.

The day started quietly with the cooking of omelettes and drinking of tea at chez Tinseltroos. The sun was really beating down by the time we left the flat and wandered into Soho. The reason for the journey was to go to Frith Street Tattoo and Piercing where Tinseltroos has had her second tattoo done. As you aren't allowed to stay whilst the scribbling occurs, once the design had been finalised and drawn on her back myself and Sister of Tinseltroos left to go about the rest of our days. I got a very over-excited phone call a couple of hours later to say that all that could be achieved in a day had been done and tomorrow I get to see the results. All very very exciting. During tattooing your body apparently generates huge quantities of adrenaline whilst you lie as still as possible not burning it off therefore once you get off the table you go a bit hyper so the craziness of the phonecall was not unexpected. She seemed very happy though.

For my own venture into the heady world of body modification I went and got a hair cut at The Wacky Hairdresser, also in Soho. Claire, the woman who cut my hair, turned out to be from an area of North Wales I know well so we were able to chat about that, tattoos (she has 5) and beards (I have 1). They also give you beer at the hairdresser which given the heat was very welcome.

With my shorn locks looking tidier I ventured down into Covent Garden and bought some arts materials for a project I've had in mind for a wee while. More on that when I've made some progress with it. From there I wandered by the river down to Blackfriars, got a train back to South London and then walked to East Dulwich to buy a huge porterhouse steak and some veggies.

I notice that The Independent newspaper has cottoned onto the fabness of my butcher and it was noticeably busier than I'm used to. I was still able to get a steak though and with my veggies I stopped in at a wine merchant and treated myself to a bottle of 2000 Château Liversan before heading back to Atrocity Mansions.

I write this having just finished the steak (cooked blue of course) with some lovely new potatoes that I boiled with mint and then finished with a short frying in olive oil with some rosemary. I made a sauce by deglazing the steak pan with some of the wine and adding a little crème fraîche and flour to thicken. The wine is now mostly drunk and I lounge on my sofa, watching Italy vs USA in the World Cup, happy as larry.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend.


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