Sunday, July 06, 2008

Crazyish Weather

Whilst we don't get the serious extremes of weather here in the UK that other parts of the world experience I couldn't help but notice the frequent changes from bright sunshine to rain clouds today in London. Here are a couple of timelapse movies I shot out of the window at Schossadlerflug with my wee digicam.



Blogger Churlita said...

That's kind of what the clouds do here, right before they turn into tornadoes.

6:56 pm  
Blogger booda baby said...

Oh, I like a good hurry-things-up!

I never much liked Turner or English landscape artists or any landscape artists, anywhere, for that matter.

But a little time spent in your island weather and under the briskly changing cloudy decorations gave me a whole new big appreciation. Our big old land mass comes with lethargic cloud movement - so slow, you'd have to be quite the poet to get it out of dull.

7:08 pm  
Blogger booda baby said...

Looook! Minutes later. Made by a U. of Hertfordshire student ...

7:42 pm  

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