Friday, June 27, 2008

One More for the Road?

I've been quite the society darling this week. As always happens at the end of films quite a few people leave for pastures new. There's a mixture of things at work there. First of all because the talent pool for this type of work is relatively small people tend to travel the world over to work. At the end of a show they often want to try another country or return home. The other reason people drift away is the attritional nature of the work. People can and do burn out and have to take a few months or a year off to recuperate. This happened to me after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I know how the current crop of escapees feels.

On Tuesday we said good bye to our overall supervisor for the last show who's now returning to spend time with his girlfriend who he hasn't seen in three months in L.A. I don't think he's seen anything other than inside of our studio offices in those three months either. I only wanted to stay for one because I had a cold and was feeling pretty tired but I ended up having a couple but still managed to be home before ten and slept like a baby.

On Wednesday was the latest in a series of good-bye drinks/dinners/what-have-yous for my friend TR. She's in the latter camp of wanting time not working so I think she's off travelling and after that who knows. She'd heard me, and others, rant about the virtues of the fillet steak at The French House, a legendary restaurant and bar in Soho so on Wednesday she decided to book a table and a few us were asked to join. I met up with her, The Berg and Dr H for a pre-dinner cocktail straight out of work at seven o'clock and suitably relaxed we went up to the restaurant and took our table. The steak was, predictably and reassuringly, excellent as always. As an extra bonus I even got a couple of slices of the chateaubriand that The Berg and Dr H were sharing after they declared themselves full. I couldn't bear to see such deliciousness go to waste. Also I'd only had a smoothie for lunch and was ravenous by the time we sat down to eat so I didn't really feel gluttonously guilty either.

Last night Tinseltroos and I worked on fancy dress. We measured out, cut and stitched a rough-hewn waistcoat/jerkin out of fake suede for my outfit. It needs buttons and a collar but it looks pretty good already. I was very pleased to be able to rely on Tinseltroos' clothing construction experience as although I can sew and hem and such I don't have much experience beyond hemming the odd pair of trousers and so on and this was a step beyond that.

Tonight is another of TR's dos. This time our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to help her dispose of the collection of tequila that she's amassed in her flat over the last couple of years. We can only do our best of course but I think we'll be able to help out.

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Blogger Churlita said...

Now I really want a good steak. I haven't had one in ages.

8:42 pm  
Blogger booda baby said...

Good thing the mad cows got straightened out.

How'd that tequila gala g? The absence of a Saturday update speaks volumes and exhales vapors. (I only assume it dropped you because tequila, in any dose, drops me. One day, I could drink it like a tequila drinking soldier. The next, there was tequila expulsion going on.)

Some times I check in at the 2-popforums(dot com) just to see the many great gigs and places people can go to. Nice for you there's so much work in London.

4:08 am  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

Churlita, I think my default mental state is , "wanting a good steak".

Booda Baby, the lack of posting yesterday had nothing to do with the tequila, so there. You can read today's post for the real reason...

Parts of London are busy, but some companies have just laid off half their staff. It's an interesting, slightly scary, time

5:07 pm  

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