Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nose Goblins

As I still seem to be on the final lap of my stint on Hellboy I've started e-mailing friends I haven't seen for weeks or months for a catch up. For a few weeks I may actually get a social life back so now would be the time to see people. This would also be the time that the inevitable post-frantic-work cold hits me. I always get them as I wind down either as a show winds down or just after I've finished. I felt fine yesterday morning, which I spent in a car to Pinewood and then my usual waiting for an hour and a half in the canteen for the meeting to be called. I am beginning to know all the staff in there now, that's how much time I've spent there. I have at least now got into the habit of taking a notebook with me so I can do some work on my own little projects. By the time I got back to the studio at around 3-ish I knew something wasn't right and by 5 my nose was a torrent of snot which did not let up for the rest of the day. I fled work at 6 on the dot, bought fish and chips on my way home and watched the Roma vs Manchester United match on the TV as I curled up on the sofa shivering under a blanket. Mercifully there doesn't seem to be any head ache associated with this cold and I feel much better this morning so hopefully it's only a minor annoyance.

I've also started work on a photo book. The service I use to print my pictures online has started offering 5 inch square prints for about 5p a print. What I'm doing is getting a print of every photo that's a candidate and arranging them and then holding the stack together with a bulldog clip so I can look through it as if it were a book. This makes it easy to swap, remove and add photos as I go. Booda Baby, very kindly, not only said some very complimentary things about my pictures but also pointed me at a photo competition run by and a few others. This is quite fortuitous as I was probably going to go with Blurb to print my book when it was done anyway so if I have a set of photos I'm happy with by the entry closing date I'll probably enter it. What the hell. The current selection also exists as a set on my flickr account for anyone who might be interested. All subject to change/lameassedness/procrastination of course.

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Blogger Churlita said...

That's a fantastic idea. I've always loved your photos.

9:02 pm  
Blogger booda baby said...

It's very exciting, this waiting to see what you'll compile. Your photos are, we all agree, superb, but now I'm interested in the ones you choose.

5:12 pm  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

Thank you both for the very kind comments. If you keep checking back to the flickr set I linked to in the post you'll always see the latest version the project. My plan is to have 40 photographs before I call it complete. That's a good number for some variety but also to keep the printing costs sensible. At the moment there are 34 pictures in the set...

5:24 pm  

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