Friday, April 25, 2008

Ahoy The Sloop Inn

StIves_Z9219XL, originally uploaded by Ennor.

I'm so close to being done on the part of Hellboy 2 I'm responsible for I can almost taste it. I'm helping out on another sequence for now but as soon as the final shot is approved and leaves the building I am planning on putting in for a week's holiday at the the earliest possible moment. Poor Tinseltroos still has much to do so she will have to wait until June before she can take any time off which means I shall have to find something to do by myself.

My plan is to get out of London just for a couple of days to stare at something in the distance. My current plan is to go to St. Ives in Cornwall, an area I like very much, particularly The Sloop Inn, pictured above. I think I'll try and go down on Sunday afternoon and come back on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. That way I can still have some time to do a few Londonish things I never seem to find time to do, like visit the Sir John Soane museum which is so close to Schossadlerflug that it is embarrassing that I have still yet to visit.

I also plan on doing a little work on my own arty projects and probably some guitaring. I have a few ideas for a couple of pieces of music but I need a day or two to rough them out on the computer and advance them further than just bubbling around in my noggin. I think that, and some cooking for and taking care of a worked-to-the-bone Tinseltroos should fill a week without feeling rushed or stressed.

It all sounds great to me but we just need to get that last shot finalled...

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Blogger Churlita said...

It looks wonderful. I think any vacation is. I still have 3 months to go before I take mine. Sigh.

7:46 pm  

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