Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Missive from Dis

As, once again, this is a work themed weekend it's going to be a slow-news day. Instead I can fill you in on last night. We had a few friends over to Schossadlerflug. After pizza and beer it was karaoke time. T has discovered that there is a game series called Singstar for the Playstation 2 which has many themed disks of singalong pop classics, including a Bollywood edition which delighted Tinseltroos and Sisoftroos most of all. Everyone took a turn and fortunately there was a Johnny Cash number for me. As I've probably mentioned before I have a rather limited vocal range and it is in the bassy end of the audio spectrum. This proves problematic when trying to sing pop as there's very little in that register apart from The Man in Black. So another creaky version of "Ring of Fire" was called for. In the meantime I have more visual defects to make before I can go home.

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