Saturday, January 19, 2008

Action Saturday

Out of the Window at Work

As I worked all of last weekend I had a mountain of matters that needed attention. Poor Tinseltroos had to work this morning and she's off with friends for the rest of the day meaning that I, for the first time since Boxing Day, am left entirely to my own devices. Today I have:

  1. Paid some bills.
  2. Took a load of plastic to be recycled.
  3. Changed the strings on half the guitars in the flat - a job I truly hate.
  4. Cleaned the fretboard on one of said guitars.
  5. Located a local butcher and bought a porterhouse steak to test their quality.
  6. Pottered around the Ancient Greek galleries of the British Museum to refresh my memory.
  7. Took some camera equipment to be repaired and modified.
  8. Filed CDs and DVDs away in their binders.
  9. Cleaned the floor.
  10. Tidied the sitting room.
  11. Did some grocery shopping.
  12. Did tons of laundry.
  13. Did some pre-emptive location scouting for the movie I hope to be working on after Hellboy 2.
  14. Did some test work for the same film. Just playing with ideas.
It is now 6.30. I think I shall crack open a beer, cook my steak and have it with potatoes and salad and then I'll probably read awhile, perhaps watch Vanishing Point (the proper one, not the shitty remake) and then see if I can be bothered with the highlights of today's football matches before turning in. I like days that feel domestically productive; they allow me to relax completely, guilt free, for the rest of the evening.



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