Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hunting and Gathering

Gibson "Faded" SG, originally uploaded by TurdOnTheRun.

I had an unexpectedly pleasant evening last. I had planned on heading home after work and spending the evening honing my practically non-existant Mario Galaxy skills. This plan was altered after I told JJG, with whom I work, about the result of my lunchtime trip down Denmark Street. For those who don't know, Denmark Street is the centre of the music retail scene in London. There are many guitar shops and I had popped into one to buy myself some acoustic guitar strings (the last of my guitars to get restrung after Saturday's efforts) and also to get Tinseltroos some strings for her Strat. I'd foolishly forgotten to ask what gauge of string she liked before heading out on Saturday.

As is customary when visiting a guitar shop I had a little look round,just out of curiosity - you know? I knew that JJG had been looking for an SG with a Bigsby trem and there in front of me was a lovely Epiphone one, in the sale to boot. Having excitedly told him about this once back in the office we conspired to leave work at 6, grab Abe (another work chum) and head back to check it out.

This we did and JJG declared himself impressed. Then, he dipped his head and said he had to show us something. He took us over the road to another shop wherein a beautiful faded Gibson SG rested - just like in the photo above. The look on JJG's face was something akin to Tiny Tim's upon being presented with the enormous goose at the end of A Christmas Carol. He's going to have to save up some more pennies to have that one but he is clearly smitten. And he's going to have pay someone to put the tremolo arm on it too but he seems to consider such things trifling concerns.

After ogling we decamped to a pub with another of JJG's friends for a few beers and to chew the fat. I treated myself to fish and chips on my way home (I've finally tracked down a good chippie in my neighbourhood which is a major bonus in my book) and having munched my way through that and a cup of tea set about restringing the last of my guitars. I offered to do Tinseltroos' guitar too but she, weirdly, claims to like changing guitar strings so I left hers well alone.

And so to bed.

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Nice. What a great night.

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