Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You May now Tickle My Tummy

You May now Tickle My Tummy, originally uploaded by Mr Atrocity.

I've had a lovely few days. On Friday night I got the train from London to the North to visit my mum. Aside from simply wishing to visit my mum because she's my mum the reason for making it this last weekend was that the choir that she sings in were putting on Monteverdi's "Vespers" in a local church and as I like old, late renaissance religious music I said I'd like to come along and hear it. Though the choir is strictly amateur, professional soloists and and period instrumentalists provided the parts that the choir could not themselves. The church was packed and the concert was, to judge by audience reaction, a great success. My mum, whilst decrying her own efforts in typical style, seemed pleased with the result.

After a lovely fry-up I got the early train back to London, having to stand much of the way and from Euston took the tube to Earl's Court where I met Tinseltroos for "Discover Dogs", a show put on by The Kennel Club to show off various breeds of dog to those who are considering getting, or breeding them. For us it was an excuse to play with lots of dogs, which is exactly what we did until we were tired and there were no more dogs left to fuss. After that we wended our way back to Atrocity Mansions and had a restful evening.

Today, after work, I finally met up with LC, my pal who's finally qualified as an architect. Not only did we have birthday presents for each other, but she also had a picture which she's acquired on my behalf which I've just lugged all the way up the hill from where we had dinner back to the house. It does look resplendent though! And with an admiring glance at it I feel I have now had enough fun for one day.


Blogger Mandi said...

Monteverdi. Josquin. Palestrina.

Some of the most beautiful music ever written, as least to my ears. How lovely it must have been to hear a live performance.

7:48 am  

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