Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Lovely Birthday

Despite my still horrible head I had a lovely birthday yesterday. It started earlier than I'd have hoped due to cold induced insomnia resulting in my getting up at three a.m. and watching baseball on T.V. for a few hours until dawn. Tinseltroos and I got dressed up in our finest gear and wandered down to The Wolseley on Piccadilly, a large dining room with a very 1920s feel to it. We met my mum, my sister and her fiancé there for a lengthy and delicious breakfast. Well I think it was delicious but my sense of smell and taste is still broken so I had to take that on trust. After that Tinseltroos and I did a spot of shopping and then went back to her flat so I could have a quick sleep to try and catch up on what I'd missed. At seven we went out for a cocktail and then onto my favourite restaurant for dinner which was fantastic, as always, but of course a bit lacking in flavour for me. And then home. A very lovely, relaxed, day. Given how wretched I'd been feeling until then I wasn't expecting to have much fun, but I did. I'm so lucky.

I also got some lovely presents: music, books a new hand-knitted scarf and knitted toy nautilus plus some beautiful fragrences, one apprently being George Clooney's and Prince Charles' favourite, so I now smell like them (maybe).

And now I'm home where I can have a relaxing rest of the weekend before trying to get a massive night's sleep in readiness for going back to work tomorrow...


Blogger Mandi said...

Happy belated, Atrocity! Hope your head is better and your Halloween is a frightful good time!

12:15 am  

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