Saturday, November 04, 2006

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves, originally uploaded by Mr Atrocity.

The photo has no relevance to this post but it is indicative of the low sun in the mornings and the trees shedding their leaves that I see en route to work.

Yesterday I did not see any of the above as during the week the air-conditioning at work had done its level best to destroy my ears, nose, throat and lungs and continue my cold into a second week. So on Friday I decided enough was enough and called in sick, and retired to bed from whence I did not move for the whole day. I managed to read a great chunk of book, watch all of "Blackadder Goes Forth" and "Day of the Dead" on my laptop, the latter of which I listened to through my swanky new headphones which I "won" on eBay for precisely this purpose, i.e. watching films at any hour of the day or night without disturbing my flatmates. Despite spending the whole day in bed and napping throughout the day I still went to sleep at about 10.30 and slept through the whole night, which I haven't managed in over a week what with all the sneezing, wheezing and coughing.

This morning I awoke feeling a bit sleepy but otherwise much better than I have in nearly a fortnight. Having had a long and relaxing bath the phone went. This is notable because our phone line has been defunct for two days. I reported the fault yesterday online and was informed it would be done today. And lo it was. I answered the phone to hear a very cheery BT engineer say "Morning, we've plugged you all back in now!" Lovely, the internets are back. *hugs internet*

Scarcely had I returned the receiver to its cradle when the doorbell went and a package for me from my other eBay victory was presented to me. This one was a wee headphone amp which partners with the new headphones so I can use my DVD player and projector to watch films in bed whilst not disturbing anyone with the audio. It's a very cute little system, quite the most adorable aluminium cylinder I've ever seen in fact.

Now all I have to do is pack my Hallowe'en party costume, charge my camera's battery and head over to Tinseltroos' ready for the party tonight. She's still quite coldy (I'm still a bit bunged up) so we may not party till dawn, but as she observed, when she called this morning, at least we're both vertical. This is indeed progress.


Blogger Churlita said...

Sorry to hear you are still sick. Whatever the bad juju that's going around here seems to linger for a few weeks as well. Hopefully, you're on the upswing now.

9:10 pm  

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