Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The 1st of November brings the first proper chill in the air, a real autumnal morning. The wind is up, pulling the red, gold and russet leaves from the trees and the sky is pale blue and yellow with the sunlight gleaming across the great city. I like the colder weather. I like the wrapping up warm in preparation for going outside. I like walking around snuggly contained in my own toasty world and I like getting back inside and peeling off the layers and sitting down with a steaming mug of tea.

I also think that, sartorially speaking, the winter does the British male many more favours. Frankly we do not suit summer very much, being rather pale and feeling a little ridiculous in beach wear or blandly ordinary in jeans and a T-shirt. Winter offers far greater scope for fun and creativity. Today I left the house in a deep blue stripy shirt with silver cufflinks, a thick black wool zip up high-necked cardigan, my black velvet frock coat, bluey-grey cord trousers, brown trainers and my new 8ft long "Dr Who" scarf that my mum knitted for my birthday. I felt great, very warm and very me.

I'm off out tonight for fish and chips with LC to celebrate her qualification as an architect. This is excellent news; she can start designing me a house now.


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