Monday, October 23, 2006

Frequency Update

If anyone out there has a video iPod, I've made a version of my short film formatted especially for it. It's under 10mb so if you'd like to watch it, drop me a line via the e-mail on the profile page and I'll point you at a link. The regular Quicktime movie version is also uploaded for viewing on almost any computer. I've finally almost finished authoring a DVD for it and I'm planning on designing a little presentation pack I can make in very limited numbers to give to friends who've been over-tolerant of me during the film's gestation. I also need to start looking at film festivals I could enter it into. Watch this space on that front.

I'll stop going on about it now until there's some proper news (if indeed there ever is any) but I feel a bit like a new parent at the moment and it's all very exciting, I haven't made a short film of my own in years and this has been a very rejuvenating creative experience. Long ago, when the blog was in its infancy, I wrote that I aimed to make a short film. I got the timing wrong and the film I've actually finished is different to the one I thought I was going to make back then but hey, I did actually do one in the end. The film I thought I was going to make still has its storyboards on my wall. I might turn my attention back to that next. Hmmm.


Blogger Killer said...

I took a left turn at someone elses blog and invariably got lost and wound up at your blog.
I could not find an email address in your profile page to request to see your film.

11:58 pm  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

A thousand apologies, I'd not updated the page. If you try now you should be more successful.


12:11 am  

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