Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Snow in the morning, originally uploaded by thatbeautifulday.

Today we got proper winter weather in London. The city produces so much heat that it seldom snows and even when it does it rarely settles. Last night we got a whole inch or two of snow that lay in a soft blanket over the whole metropolis. I know that's not much to those who get "proper" snow but we city types must cling to what we can get.

As I've been working ridiculous hours recently I was in a very dozy state as I stumbled out of bed at 6.30 this morning. I didn't even look out of the window such was my myopic state so I was unprepared for the magical winter wonderland that awaited me outside. It was really lovely and definitely cheered me up as I trudged work-wards once more. I took a whole load of photos en route which I'll try to upload tonight if I get time.

As you may have noticed work has got hectic. We have to finish the film in a few weeks and there's much to do. Was it ever thus? Yup, pretty much. Anyway the panic button's been pushed and it's all hands to the pump. So If I go a bit quite between now and the end of March you'll know it's because I'm stuck in a hole in the ground in Soho making movie magic and not because I don't love you all anymore, OK?

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Blogger Churlita said...

Your snow looks so much prettier than ours. Maybe it's because I'm not trudging to work and back everyday in your snow.

2:38 am  

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