Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rocket Assistance

Rocket Salad, originally uploaded by Philosopher Queen.

Perhaps it's just in the trendier, more metropolitan areas, but I can't help but notice that were are overrun by a green menace. It seems impossible to order a salad, a burger, a pasta dish or even a pizza without the whole thing being smothered in rocket. In moderation it's perfectly fine and harmless; it's slightly peppery, slightly soapy flavour can even be a welcome addition to a dish but the tendency seems to be to bury your food under a layer of the stuff, regardless of whether it's appropriate or not.

When I order a burger I know what I'm doing. I am saying, in no uncertain terms, that I require fat, starch, salt and more fat and I am wanting them now and in concentration. Burger eaters are not prissy, we do not care, in that instant, what the calorific horror of what we are doing means and we sure as hell do not require the object of our desire to be buried, as if to hide it from enemy aircraft, under this blanket of leaves. To be honest it spoils the fun. I know what I want and I do not wish some mealy mouthed dietitian to jazz up my simple pleasures under the guise of a consession to health, or gods forbid, style. It's a burger godammit, leave it alone, it was just fine without the rabbit food.

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