Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Up to You, New York, New York...

Well I'm not "leaving today" but Tinseltroos and I have booked out post Harry Potter holiday. Once the effects for the boy wizard are done we are jetting off to New York for a week. This is very exciting, especially for me as I am the world's worst travelled person. I've only flown twice before and the furthest I've got was Spain, so 8 hours seems like an eternity. I intend to have a charged DS and iPod to hand.

It will also be the first "proper" holiday I've had in about four years, I've only managed long weekends away in the intervening period so it will even more special. The thing that asonished me, but I should have realised had I thought more clearly, is how easy the internet has made booking a holiday. Both our hotel (The Soho Grand) and our flights (Virgin Atlantic) were booked online inside 20 minutes. It's quite incredible how easy it is to spend an awful lot of money in a terribly short amount of time. I can't help but think it should be more difficult to spend sums of this size but it's done now so in early May we'll be forgetting Hogwarts and saying "Hello, Manhattan". I cannot wait.

So if you, dear reader, have any must visit locations in New York please let me know. Any restaurants we must dine at, any bars that dazzle with the mixings, we need to kow them all.

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