Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend at Last

I can scarcely believe it. I have actually spent two whole days without setting foot in the studio for either of them. In fact this is the first time in forty days straight that I haven’t been in the office. Of course my body had to remind me that I should rest by making sure I had a rotten cold by Friday afternoon which only got worse on Saturday. Tinseltroos was away for the weekend with buddies in Wales so I got to potter about by myself reading and watching rugby.

I also decided to fit the new tuners I’d got for my Stratocaster and was doing very nicely up until I grossly miscalculated how hard maple wood is and managed to split the heads of some of the screws that hold the tuners into the headstock of the guitar. That will teach me to do guitar repairs when I have a head full of cold and not too much in the way of concentration. I shall have to go to the guitar repairman on Denmark Street tomorrow looking suitably penitent and hope that he can help me out.

So aside from blowing my nose a lot, buggering up a guitar, watching England lose in the rugby and moping what else have I done with my precious time off? Well not a lot. I have cleaned the flat today so T will come back to a shiny abode tomorrow. I’ve also made a ginger cake, most of which I’ll take into work.

Having watched three games of rugby on the TV this weekend I think I’ll finish the evening off with some football. Apparently the BBC is showing the Milan derby match, I guess because David Beckham is playing for AC Milan at present and I shan’t miss the opportunity to watch some football as most games are exclusively on satellite TV which we don’t have.

I had my holiday confirmed so I have five more days of work to survive before I take three weeks off. I have a train ticket to Cornwall and hotel room booked for three nights of the first week and after that I have no plans. I might try to do some painting, I’ll probably take some photographs and I have a couple of short film ideas I’d wouldn’t mind dabbling with. None of these are definite plans you understand, they’re just tantalizing possibilities which is how I’d like them to remain. The most important thing I need is some rest before I get going on the next movie.



Blogger Churlita said...

I'm so glad you finally got a weekend. It's just too bad your body decided to ground you during it. I just hope you're healthy again for your real vacation.

6:04 pm  
Blogger booda baby said...

OOh. Oooh. Ouch. On the stratocaster. Wait. That wasn't enough. Another one: ooh.

That damned cold. Really, I've been following its progress. It started with Churlita, made its terrible and furious way here and ... well, point is, it STARTED with her. :)

12:54 am  

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