Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tough Call

We have a problem, well a difficulty more than a problem. Yesterday we had a presentation of our work on the movie to the clients in their fancy screening room in Soho. They were very pleased with what they saw, indeed so pleased that they sent us a cake to show their appreciation. Naturally, none of us who'd been working on this part of the show saw any of it as it was all scoffed by those with less insane workloads but that's another story. Our problem is that those of us who do the work really thought it looked awful. This presents us with a quandary, the client is the happiest they've been and of course they have the final say, but we've been working on this for nearly a year and a half and we think it's just got worse. Now in the end, if push comes to shove, the client will get their way, they've paid for it, it's their property. And yet, we just can't forgive ourselves if we don't try and make it better (in our eyes) and hope that the client also believes it to be an improvement. So GW and I spent last evening in the studio until nearly midnight having one last throw of the dice. We owe it to ourselves to and I'm not giving up on this just yet. But I'm paying for it this morning; I am very very tired.

We will never surrender (until there's about two weeks until the deadline, then we'll capitulate so fast there'll probably be a shock-wave).

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Blogger Les Quinn said...

Best thing to do would be to gather all copies of it...Strip, shave and paint yourself white and storm the clients office pile it on the boardroom table pour petrol on it and set it on fire and dance around it in some tribal manner.
I am sure the client will see the great symbolism and applaud you Graciously.
Alternatively you could give them what they want and make a Directors cut for yourself.

10:14 pm  
Blogger Churlita said...

So, what happened with this?

7:05 pm  

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