Sunday, February 11, 2007


I actually had a day off today, my first in 3 weeks I think. I have spent it with T, sleeping, eating and slowly working my way through the mountain of washing which has accumulated as I've not been home long enough to sort it out. I'm still incredibly tired, but at least I'm not going nuts. I hope this state of mind persists but I suspect there's more insanity in store at work this week. God, I hope this film is good when it comes out, I shall be devastated if I've devoted 18 months of my life to a pile of shit. I've lost all subjective judgement on it now so I'm going on blind instinct whether things are working or not.

There'll probably be more posts like this charting the steady decline of the HPatOotP crew into madness between now and deadline time. Sorry for the lack of lucid prose but my tiny mind seems to have shut down. I love visual effects but it really knocks hell out of you sometimes.

Good night, one and all.

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Blogger Les Quinn said...

I, as many other too I'm sure would of liked to of seen a pic of the washing piled up. :)

3:11 pm  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

I can assure that you didn't want to see it and furthermore it probably violated several international treaties on chemical weapons. Yuck.

5:47 pm  

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