Sunday, January 01, 2006

Fretting, Animating and Cooking

This may be a bit "Dear Diary-ish". You have been warned...

Well here we are, once again staring into the yawning abyss of a whole new year. The last one was a rather mixed bag for me and my only plan for 2006 is for it to be more uniformly positive. I've made and broken so many resolutions over the years that it seems specious to make them now. Though that said it is also my aim to do more in 2006. Last year felt rather stagnant, there's precious little that I can do now that I couldn't do 12 months ago and that's not how I like things. So more self-study, more making my own art, more of all the good stuff and put those bad bits of 2005 behind me. This is all getting rather confessional isn't it? Well there, I've said it now so all I have to do is follow through on my own promises, and how hard can that be? Hem hem.

I shall certainly try do a short film in the next couple of months. I think I have a good idea for a one-minuter and I've been spending a couple of days getting the technology working. Now I'll have to put together an animatic and see if it flies as an idea. I made the soundtrack today by hacking togther and layering chopped up drum-loops in GarageBand and it doesn't sound too bad. Now I have something to figure out my timings from and animate to. Which is a good start. I shall feel more confident once the whole sequence is blocked out, at the moment I'm still feeling a bit "but what if..." and I need to make my ideas more concrete.

Oh, and the other thing I was going to mention was that I came up with quite a good chicken recipe that I'll share for what it's worth. Here goes :-

Put a peeled, chunkily chopped butternut squash and celeriac in a roasting tin sprinked with rosemary, black pepper and olive oil. Roast at about 180 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile in a stockpot brown 8 chicken thighs in more olive oil. Mix 500ml or so of veg stock with the juice of a lemon and a good handful of mint leaves. Add the roasted veggies to the chicken and pour over the liquid. Season to taste. Put the lid on the stockpot and put it in the oven at 160 or so for another half hour. It's a really good winter warmer type stew without being stodgy or heavy.

That'll do for now, I have animatics to do now plus I think I might go and eat the remainder of the gratin dauphinoise potatoes I made to accompany dinner last night. Yum.

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