Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back in the Land of the Living

I have no idea what evil little micro-organism I have to thank for it but I spent most of the weekend and Monday with a horrid stomach bug meaning no food for two days and nothing to drink for one. Thinking back I haven't felt so wretched in a long time, nor have I listened to so much of the World Service throughout the night (did I mention I couldn't sleep either?).

Well this isn't a tirade against microbey whatsits though I am less fond of them now than I was; this a mini-post in praise of the sense of taste. Now I can eat again everything tastes amazing. The first thing I dared try on Monday afternoon was a fruit smoothie as it's a halfway food/drink and I didn't fancy pushing my luck with solids too soon. Clearly it wasn't, but at that time it tasted like the best smoothie that the world had ever seen. So sweet, so refreshing, so much flavour bursting out - I grinned like a fool. Similarly the ham sarnie I'm tucking into at this moment (I'm feeling braver with my diet today) could not be crusty-breadier, cripsy-lettucier, juicy-tomatoier and fatty-salty-jambonier (can we say umami?) if it tried. I think by any standard this sarnie is pretty good, but after the last few days it is extra good, and that is perhaps nature's reward for putting you through the lurgy.


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