Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Things that make you go Mmmmm (slight return)

I said I'd come back to this topic when I had a few additions and so here we go. Once more from the top, this time with feeling :

  • Proper old shops (Like Bates the Hatter on Jermyn Street)
  • Boiled eggs and soldiers
  • Old time radio serials (Tales of the Texas Rangers, The Shadow etc.)
  • An ironed shirt
  • The smell of wet earth
  • Brown wrapping paper covered parcels
  • When something new in technology 'just works'
  • Sleeping in your own bed upon returning from a trip away
  • The smell of black and white film
  • Finding the perfect song for a certain moment
  • Anything pleasingly mechanical (clocks, steam engines etc.)
  • Gerberas (particularly orange ones)

And here endeth part 2. I'll keep adding them as I keep thinking of them.


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