Thursday, December 29, 2005

Return From the Back of Beyond.

I got home yesterday following my Christmas familial odyssey. It's strange, though I've been away for just a few days I couldn't wait to get back. I suppose a lot of it is because my parents are divorced and both live in houses which I spent no time growing up in. Thus neither of them feel like home. At Christmas I tend to get nostalgic for the (probably imagined) "family Christmas" which just doesn't happen in my family anymore and I also have the desire to spend Christmas in my home. That of course doesn't work for the rellies, so commuting Christmas it was again.

Next year I am going to pray no-one gets me books or booze as I nearly pulled my arms out of their sockets carrying my bag o' schwag home from the rural hinterlands that my folks live in, and that is after I had carefully selected small and light presents to give to the folks. It is not for nothing that I got my sister magazine subscriptions - I am not, as it may appear, as stupid as I look.

I think for the next few days I shall do some work on the short film idea I have been playing about with, with luck and a good head wind it could be done by February. I have decided (though not in a New Year's Resoluion way) to try do more creative work of my own again. It's been a long time since I made anything for me and since I am single again, now would be the time to do it. Fire up the new fancy lapdog and let's see what she's made of... Full steam ahead.


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