Thursday, August 02, 2007

London Calling

A very long time ago I wrote a piece about my love of "proper" telephones. It remains one of my favourite posts but the motivation for writing - the idea that I might get an old telephone for the house has, until now, remained just an idea. Yesterday Tinseltroos got a modern update of the classic 500 series 'phone designed by Henry Dreyfuss in the late 1940s. It has buttons in the place of the holes in the dial so it's modern in the sense that it's touch-tone and works on a digital network. It is decidedly not contemporary in its heft, style (it has some), and the pleasing mechanical ring of a real bell is the best bit of all. I've had to 'phone home using my mobile a couple of times whilst standing next to our new baby just to hear it.



Blogger booda baby said...

Oh, that's instrument that inspires nothing but envy. I've been aching for one for several years now. You get loads of atmosphere in every call.

5:21 pm  
Blogger Ondine said...

I have been looking for one too for a long time now. They go for quite a bit at auctions and on ebay. I've come across some for $5 or so, but they were cream colored and I want a black, or one of the odd colors like avocado.

2:54 pm  

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