Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spiral of Despair

And downwards and ever backwards into the ever deepening pit of no-telephone despair. Once again Tinseltroos and I have spent the better part of a day taking turns waiting for a BT engineer to turn up. Having begun our ordeal at 8.00 a.m. with Tinseltroos holding the fort it was a big no-show. I took over at 10.30 and sat, twiddling my thumbs, as the morning ebbed away. I received a classically impersonal SMSBT were "sorry" (how sorry a machine can be is somewhat moot) and that all their engineers were running late. This I had noticed given the presence of no engineers in the flat. He finally arrived at 2.30, which BT, is not "in the morning" i.e. when you claimed that he would arrive. I had to leave to come back to work and left Tinseltroos, who'd come racing back, to deal with the unfolding situation. Please can we have a phone line now? It's been over 6 weeks and I begin to give up hope that I will ever surf the web at home. Once again, apologies for the lightness of posting but I can only write this stuff whilst waiting for renders or sims at work. At present I'm simulating pouring boulders into a large statue shaped mould for a film due out next year sometime. There aren't that many people who could claim that today I'd wager.


Tinseltroos has just phoned from our new B.T. land-line. Right, now to try and organise some broadband from, surprisingly enough, another supplier than B.T. Mr. Atrocity heaves a heavy sigh and trudges off to argue the futility of existence with another service "provider".

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Blogger Mandi said...

Well, here's hoping that the second provider understands the concept of "customer service".

Good luck!

12:03 am  

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