Friday, July 27, 2007

Farewell To All That

Empty Room 1

So farewell then Atrocity Mansions, you were a good ship but it's time for you to have a new crew. Last night was spent frantically cleaning my old house so that there is at least a fighting chance of getting our deposits back. In fairness when my friends and I took the place, seven years ago, it was not the cleanest, primmest nor most proper house so I think we are returning it cleaner than we got it.

Although I've felt like Schossadlerflug is home from almost the moment we moved in there was a little moment of quiet nostalgia as I closed the door to my old, now empty room, put the house keys onto the kitchen table and closed the front door behind me for the last time. There were many good times in that place and when I look at the person I was when I moved in there and the one I am now I think the Atrocity Mansions era represents a major phase of my life, one that I am now leaving behind as I embark on a new life together with Tinseltroos. The time is right, it feels good to move on and now there is real closure on my previous existence.

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