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Schossadlerflug is still without a telephone line hence no broadband hence a lack of activity here. Sorry, folks. Lucky me gets to take a chunk of my meagre holiday allowance on Friday to wait around for an engineer from BT to come and prod our sockets (not a euphemism) until we have a connection. Then I can order broadband and wait another ten days until that gets connected then normal service can be resumed.

Last weekend was Tinseltroos' and my first weekend in our flat. Though we'd been moved in two weeks, the first weekend was spent in the beautiful Welsh market town of Llangollen (roughly pronounced Th-lan-goth-len) for my college friend Ed's wedding to the beautiful Katherine.

The Vintage Railway

This is How You Ensure You Arrive on Time

Yes he did arrive at his wedding in the Delorean from Back to the Future. It was a lovely service with most of the music in the church coming from Star Wars, including the happy couple walking down the aisle at the end to the Throne Room Theme from the end of A New Hope. Pure, kitsch, genius. I was so proud. The reception was lovely and Ed's band played so he spent the last two hours of his wedding party on the drums. Kat also sang a couple of Kate Bush numbers. It was very lovely.

That did mean a fortnight until we finally settled into the flat and got the last items of the landlord's that we didn't require put down in the basement, including the world's largest, heaviest, widescreen TV. Now we have space for our guitars in the living room, which is a relief.

We had a pretty relaxed Saturday, it seems determined to rain perpetually at the moment, which is a drag as I've sanded down my bike frame and I want to paint it, but it did mean we could spend the majority of Sunday baking. We had invited several of our work friends around for tea , cake and booze on Sunday afternoon and we wanted to be prepared. Having a double oven meant that we could combine forces. We ended up with two different sorts of savoury muffin, one of my ginger cakes and a Somerset Pomona cake which is a boozy cake with apple in it. Bloody lovely. Having baked, relaxed a bit, got all our pictures on the wall, set up the guitars and the projector it really feels like home now. If we could just get some damn broadband...

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that car is bad-assed amazing... and prodding my socket may be my new euphanism

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