Thursday, July 12, 2007

That's Dada for Now

The never-ending utility meter reading story continues...

Total reversal of fortune today. Having had the "nope, no, no way" attitude from the MD of the recruitment agency and being told to contact Samantha I was not feeling hopeful when I called this morning to try and speak to the fabled Sammy. I did not need to. The receptionist, not the one who initially cold-shouldered us on Tuesday, was friendly and very can-do. She was American and it seems to be something of a national trait, at least compared to the lazy Brits I have generally had to deal with. She contacted the receptionist from the old company to find out what the protocol was, phoned me back inside 15 minutes with the go-ahead to come over and take the reading whenever was convenient. Having been brought around from my swoon by a colleague who happened to have smelling salts (this is turning into a Victorian melodrama, sorry) I thanked her profusely and counted down the minutes until I could go and do the deed.

The deed was accomplished with minimum fuss and I was able to contact both the old gas and electricity suppliers, get yet more reference numbers, fill in my EDF form and post the bugger all within an hour. And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I am emotionally done for the day.

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