Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Look, My Baby all Growed Up

Bringing Up Grawpy
It seems that the cat is well and truly out of the bag. This Harry Potter making of documentary has been airing world-wide and has now hit youTube. It's in three parts but the section which covers the part of the film I worked on is here from about 7 minutes in:

So there you are folks, I, along with a bunch of amazingly talented people, spent 18 months making Grawp and although the documentary only shows the first part of the process we went through, that of capturing Tony Maudsley's performance, you can see a whole load of the shots I made. I really like the first close up, there's a gentleness to the performance there and, although you can't tell in the youTube video, Grawp's skin had months of work put into its detailing and surface properties. There's also some lighting on him of which I'm very proud. Anyone who gets to see the film before I do (this Sunday) I'm keen if you can let me know how it all looked, it seems quite dark to me but that may just be the video on youTube.

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