Saturday, May 05, 2007

From TIny Acorns

Holdsworth Championship

This is the state my bicycle was in when I got it. As I'm now on holiday for a month (working all those weekends adds up to quite a bit of TOIL after 8 months) I can start work on my projects. Today I've stripped part of the bike down, taken the wheels off, removed the rear brake and shawn it of gears and associated cabling. The frame now looks like this:


From here I need to get the rear drop-out un-bent as you can see:


Next I must remove the cranks and bottom bracket, plus the headset and forks before I can begin filing and sanding the frame clean ready for painting. Hopefully eBay will be able to furnish me with new hubs, saddle and Holdsworth decals for the painted frame... Let the fun, oil, grime and swearing begin.

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