Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday 13th Part A Bazillion

Yesterday was, on the whole, not a good day. I had thought that I was pretty much done with HPatOotP especially after Wednesday night's epic last gasp attempt to get the final tweaks done. But no, the clients have decided on yet more changes to one shot which has been the bane of my existence for nearly a year now. It keeps coming back, never because there's anything wrong with it but just because it's been decided that want something different. That is their right of course, they're paying for it, but it is somewhat soul-destroying not only to be in work for yet another weekend, but also because I've done this shot 5 or 6 times now and I look back on all that wasted work and time that could have been spent making other shots look better.

Yesterday's final bombshell came when I found out that the creature I was due to supervise the creation of on the project I was due to go onto after HPatOotP wraps has been removed from the film due to budgetary cuts. I was really looking forward to that and now I'm at a bit of loose end professionally. I shall have to think what I want to do next and I'm not in an ideal mental state to do that at the moment. From having the next year mapped out work-wise it's suddenly all fallen through and I'm a little dazed and confused.

In much happier news, Tinseltroos had got me a present to cheer me up: James Martin's book of Puddings. I think it may be a hint of what she thinks our life will be like together when we find a flat together in June. I think she's probably right. We also laughed like loons with a good run through's Photoshop Phriday. This and this made my face ache with hysterical giggling. I'm sure everything will be fine.



Blogger Margaret said...

no client deserves to destroy your soul... friday 13 blows

5:45 am  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

They do like trying though, don't they?

5:26 pm  

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