Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well if that don't beat all. As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a wee bit tipsy last night post-work so I cannot, in truth, say that I looked my best this morning. In fact I looked like someone with a nasty hangover who's been working his arse off for months and has not seen much sunlight. And I hadn't shaved. Would you, dear reader, be willing to guess on what day the film production decided to send a camera crew around our studio for the "making of" section of the inevitable DVD release? Yup, today. I doubt I'll feature at all since how interesting can a nerd staring at a computer monitor be? But, if by some cruel twist of fate I do appear on the disc, then I apologise, you really shouldn't have to look at anything that nasty. Bleuch

Update: I've just signed a release form to allow the studio to use my countenance in their promo material and the form states, I kid you not, that these rights extend to "the entire universe". They've not covered themselves in the event of time travel being invented though. The fools.

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