Friday, September 29, 2006

Bone The Beautiful, Bone The Magnificent

I had, sat on my desk for a few weeks, a book which my work-pal, Heg, had urged me to read. It was Volume 1 of "Bone" by Jeff Smith. It's a beautiful comic written and illustrated by Smith which in its full form weighs in at a hefty 1300 pages. I now know this because having been utterly captivated by Volume 1 I rushed out to get the complete one-volume edition yesterday. It's a mighty tome but having read another 50 pages last night I can attest that it is indeed probably one of the 10 Best Comics of All Time. You can read more of the background here but it's really worth just allowing yourself to be gently pulled into the world of Fone Bone and feel magic of the story wash over you. This is going to keep me very happy for some time to come. And having just finished the incredible "Lost Girls" by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie, about which I'll write more later, I feel I'm on a bit of a roll with quality comics at the moment.


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