Friday, September 15, 2006

Do not waste time blocking your ears

Coca-Cola have been running a tie-in with iTunes whereby each bottle has a code to redeem a free song from the iTunes Store. I don't drink much Coke so yesterday was my first free noise. I thought carefully about what I should have, and deliberated further all the way home. Finally it became obvious, "Sonic Attack" by Hawkwind was the one for me. I wonder how many others got "Sonic Attack" for free? Thanks Coke, you've enabled me to indulge my slightly questionable taste for space rock for free.

Use your wheels, it is what they are for
Small babies may be placed inside the special cocoons, which should be left if possible, in a shelter
Do not attempt to use your own limbs
If no wheels are available, metal, not organic, limbs should be employed whenever practical.....


Blogger scruffylooking said...

You know, I've never taken advantage of that yet. Now, I'm not so sure if I want to.

4:11 pm  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

I believe it isn't compulsory to buy Hawkwind tunes. I would encourage everyone to though, partly because everyone needs a bit of space rock in their lives but mostly because it will really confuse the execs at Coke when they find out what their clientele have been spending their free money on:

These are the first signs of Sonic Attack:
You will notice small objects, such as ornaments, oscillating.
You will notice a vibration in your diaphragm
You will hear a distant hissing in your ears
You will feel dizzy

5:11 pm  

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