Monday, June 12, 2006

I am irked again.

So the Python script I wrote wasn't enough. The render would get about 5 frames into its batch and then crash for no good reason. BUT because of the way it crashed it was popping up an error box that had to be manually confirmed before it would try the next task. AAAARGH! So now I have had to rewrite the script to render batches of one frame at a time which is inefficient and retarded. If this were freeware it would be unacceptable but perhaps explicable. Instead it's a £1500 piece of software, and the fact that I have to write my own render-wrangling software to get it to do sequences of more than five frames is supremely irritating. I really must try and get Liquid to compile on OS X and then I can use a decent renderer instead. Grrrr. But I did manage to get the Miglia box to record Dr Who whilst I was out on Saturday night so that's still good tech.


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