Monday, May 08, 2006

When Life Imitates Art

I'm sure everyone has days when you feel like the star of your own slightly art-house existential thriller. Well I do at any rate. Today I have lived that life. I wandered into town at about lunch time, I was nonchalantly thinking my thoughts about the day and what I had planned as I approached THE CITY.

Scene 1. EXT Piccadilly.

Our detective, on the trail of some clues that will help defend the reputation of a glamourous socialite, heads into the city. He finds himself in the midst of a mass of people, jostling to get a view of a giant, mechanical elephant. Our detective takes it all in his stride and whilst pausing to take in the scene in front of him heads off into the back streets.

Scene 2. EXT London's Mayfair.

Though he feels out of place amidst the glitz and the money, our detective ducks in and out between the Bentleys of the glamourous and expensive Mayfair district of the city until he finds respite in the Curzon Cinema

Scene 3. INT Curzon Mayfair.

Our detective takes solace in the interior of the fabulous modernist Curzon Mayfair cinema. Here he watches "Last Year at Marienbad" and wonders at the nature of reality and whether a powerful unseen hand is writing the script to his very existence. The film also has Delphine Seyrig 30 ft high which isn't half bad. After this our detective emerges into the light and heads off to meet up with glamourous people in fabulous venues and to live the life we only read of in the better sort of detective fiction. Or something like that.

Or to put it another way, I've just had an ace day.


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