Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A True King of Burgers

It's recipe time again and as spring is leaping about all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed my thoughts turn to eating outside and barbecues. So here's my burger recipe, refined and honed over the years:

I tend to just use beef mince, but a beef and lamb mixture is often good. So what you do is finely chop a large onion and mix this with a kilo of mince. Add chopped coriander, a good splash of Worcester Sauce and plenty of seasoning. Divide into 4-6 depending on how greedy you are and mould them to be burger shaped. They will tend to contract and become thicker as they cook so make them a little thinner than you'd eventually like them to be. Cook 'em as you like on the barbecue. To serve you will need a bun (duh!) the base of which you spread with mayonnaise mixed with a good quantity of chopped dill. The cooked burger goes on top of this, cheese (I favour melted Cornish Yarg) on top of the burger, tomato ketchup on top of that and then a layer of crisp round lettuce (not iceberg) and some sliced tomato with a little seasoning on it. Gently place the lid of the bun on top and insert into face.

For me, that is burger perfection. It is not fancy nor elegant eating but it brings a smile to the face of all but the fussiest eater.



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